Friends of Coombe Wood

Coombe Wood — Recent Events

This page gives a review of the most recent efforts of the Friends of Coombe Wood to establish the wood north of the stream as a Village Green. The information is mostly taken from the most recent Friends’ Newsletters.

More Fencing Proposed May–June 2016

A recent planning proposal (16/0146/FUL Replace fencing to boundary  | Land West Of Silver Birch Lake Drive Thundersley Benfleet Essex SS7 3EE) included a map of the area that the applicant proposed fencing. Much of this was the area at present fenced by a rather decrepid post and wire fence to the east of the main bridleway and to the north of the newly designated bridleway leading to the pond.This included several designated plots, but Plot 5 on his map extended beyond the bridleway into the designated Village Green. Various members of the Friends wrote raising objections, and the planning officers recommended rejecting that part. Despite this, the Council planning committee approved the application in full. The applicant is reported to have agreed not to fence plot 5, so the Village Green is secured.

Much of the Fence now Removed

The owner of the northermost part of Coombe Wood, adjacent to the Church and the Churchyard, has agreed to the removal much of the fence. This includes the southern fence, dividing his land from the main part of the wood, and the western fence, adjacent to St Peter’s Graveyard.

With the owners agreement, members of the Friends of Coombe Wood have removed the fence panels from the southern part and both the panels and posts from the graveyard boundary.

This now means that the local community can now readily access the wood from the graveyard and the main part of the wood, although the northern fence still remains, restricting access from the north.

There are some photographs of this part of the wood in the Diary section of this site. (The link is in the panel to the left.)

Note that this information will also be incorporated into the Village Green Two page. It is included here so that regular vistors can easily find the most recent information on this. The small flyout when you hover over the Recent link on the Navigation bar (on other pages) at the left gives the most recent date.